The Wiggles Just Gave Folk Punk Band AJJ A Shout-Out, And Now People Want A Collab

Beloved Aussie entertainers The Wiggles have given US folk punks AJJ (formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad) a surprise shout-out, and now fans of the two bands are calling for a Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Collab.

AJJ made headlines last year when they took the piss out of music video pioneers OK Go with their colourful music video for ‘Goodbye, Oh Goodbye’, and it’s the colourful t-shirts the band wore in that clip which have caught The Wiggles’ attention.

Taking to Instagram today, The Wiggles announced to the world that they’re fans of AJJ’s style (because of course they are):

Since then, there have been tongue-in-cheek calls for the two groups to unite, and it’s seriously a great idea:

AJJ’s cellist, Mark Glick, has also seen The Wiggles’ shout-out, and has shared his (clearly surprised) reaction on Twitter:

Luckily enough, AJJ will be in Australia later this year for Hobart’s “folk punk orgy” festival HOBOFOPO, as well as a handful of their own headline shows between September and October.

So, if The Wiggles and AJJ did want to collaborate on a folk punk-infused children’s track, it could happen. The Wiggles aren’t scared of eclectic collaborations either, and even teamed up with Aussie rock icon Jimmy Barnes earlier this year.

That said, only time will tell if The Wiggles and AJJ will get together — maybe they’ll do something like ‘Folk-Rock-A-Bye Your Bear’?

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