Vanilla Ice Airport Blow Out Unites Young And Old As Channel 9 Anchor Drops Fire Rap

Who would have thought that a simple airport blow out from from the great Vanilla Ice could be the cultural talisman needed to unite young and old.

It’s not just us young folk having a laugh, but also the oldies who legit remember the guy, including known ‘getter’ of youths Channel 9 and old mate Peter Hitchener who clearly couldn’t help himself.

Reporting on Vanilla Ice’s airport barry, Hitcho kicks things off with a “Stop, collaborate and listen” coming from such a deadpan expression it could actually be considered a diss, he goes on to explain that Ice had realised there was a problem but was unable to solve it. Airing the aggressive display, Hitcho claps back, “Oh I say, settle down!”

Hitcho waits until the last moments to really sink in the teeth, concluding that unlike the fabled events on A1A Beachfront Ave, “Police were not needed on the scene, if you know what I mean.”

Shots. Fired.

If out mate Robert Van Winkle wasn’t feeling like a big enough dick already, thanks to the prying eye of TMZ, this is probably going to get him the rest of the way there.

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