Vedder Enlists Cat Power For Solo Album

Eight years after Eddie Vedder guested on Cat Power‘s album You Are Free, the kooky chanteuse will be adding her vocals to the Pearl Jam frontman’s forthcoming solo album, Ukulele Songs.

Pitchfork reports that Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall, will guest on the song Tonight You Belong To Me. The album is due for a May 31 release in the US on Pearl Jam’s own label Monkeywrench Records.

Others to help out Vedder include Glen Hansard of The Swell Season and the Frames, who is on Sleepless Nights. That’s an Everly Brothers’ song that Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris also famously covered, for anyone not schooled in these things. Vedder performing the classic song with Beck can be heard below, while  Ukulele Songs‘ first single Longing To Belong is out now.

In case it wasn’t obvious, Vedder’s album is a selection of songs and covers performed on ukulele, with a few string arrangements as backing. The singer had spectacular success with the stripped-down set-up for his soundtrack to the 2007 film Into The Wild, which bodes well for the LP.

The tracklisting for Ukulele Songs is:

Ukulele Songs:

01 Can’t Keep

02 Sleeping by Myself

03 Without You

04 More Than You Know

05 Goodbye

06 Broken Heart

07 Satellite

08 Longing to Belong

09 Hey Fahkah

10 You’re True

11 Light Today

12 Sleepless Nights [ft. Glen Hansard]

13 Once in Awhile

14 Waving Palms

15 Tonight You Belong to Me [ft. Cat Power]

16 Dream a Little Dream


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