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The Victorian Government Wants To Fine Ticket Scalpers Up To $475K

The Victorian Government could slap ticket scalpers with a fine of almost half a million dollars under new legislation that’s just been introduced to help stop exorbitant ticket resale prices.

The new legislation would make it illegal for anyone to sell or advertise resale tickets for more than 10 per cent above their original price.

If passed, the government will introduce authorised ticketing officers and also give Victoria Police the ability to fine any scalpers who are reselling tickets to popular events. As Fairfax Media reports, the fines will range from $790 to a whopping $475,000.

At the moment in Victoria only sporting events can be “declared”, protecting them from exorbitant resale prices. This new law would change that to ensure concerts and other cultural events are also protected.

A nine month lead-up period to declare major events could also be changed to a two week lead-in, providing less time for resale.

“These new measures will crack down on scalpers and help keep our major events fair and accessible for everyone,” Minister for Tourism and Major Events John Eren said in a statement.

Just last month, New South Wales banned ticketing bots in a move to stop tickets being resold for exorbitant prices. It also capped ticket prices being resold for more than 10 per cent above the original price and allowed the government to demand an event make public the exact number of tickets available.

It comes after a number of tours by artists like Ed Sheeran, Adele and Bruno Mars were plagued by ticket scalpers attempting to resell tickets for many times their original prices.

Scalpers have also started trying to flog tickets to the first-ever Australian edition of Download Festival, which went on sale earlier this week.

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