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Vin Diesel Rekons His Collaboration With Steve Aoki Will Nab Him A Grammy

Vin Diesel has featured in countless blockbuster movies including the unbelievable successful The Fast & The Furious franchise, but now it seems he’s decided to try his hand at music.

The actor has teased a forthcoming collaboration with EDM artist Steve Aoki, and he’s not exactly being modest with his expectations of the release.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Diesel said his track with Aoki is “going to blow people minds” with a “monster track,” before going on to proudly say “I’m going to get a Grammy before I get an Oscar!”.

As for Aoki, he is quoted in the article as saying “what Vin brought to the table, I’ve never experienced before.”

It won’t even be his first contribution to the world, with Diesel singing a duet cover of Selena Gomez and Kygo’s track ‘It Ain’t Me’ earlier this year, showing that he can not only hold a tune but harmonise pretty damn well.

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