Watch: Steve Aoki Painful Stage Dive Fail

Steve Aoki may have bitten off a bit more than he can chew when designing the stage for his concert in Peurto Rico this past weekend. What was surely meant to be a display of glorious stage presence via diving on a trampoline, ended in one of the best falls we’ve seen in some time.

What started off as a normal, out-of-control Steve Aoki gig at the Circotic nightclub, took a painful turn in front of what was sure to be thousands of onlookers. The amateur footage below shows Aoki tearing shit up behind the decks before running out front and jumping onto the trampoline. Though the footage is grainy and shaky, you can clearly see a rag-dolled Aoki shoot through the air at an awkward angle, before falling off the stage entirely…fast forward to the 30 second mark.

Moments later, he emerges from the black abyss with the aid of some stage techs and a pretty keen photographer, who managed to take some snaps. Aoki takes a bit of a breather while laying on his back, before getting up, and getting straight back to it. He’s a tough dude.

According to Stoney Roads, it was hours later that the juggernaut DJ/Producer went to the hospital for a check-up. He reported back to fans via Twitter reporting that everything is ‘A-Ok’

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