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Kaitlin Butts Announces New Album ‘Roadrunner’

Country singer-songwriter Kaitlin Butts has announced her new album titled ‘Roadrunner!’. The album is going to be released on 28th Jun via Soundly Music. 

The inspiration behind the album came from the musical named Oklahoma! Kaitlin Butts while speaking about it explains. “Every summer when I was a kid my parents would take me to see a performance of Oklahoma! at a local amphitheater, and I’ve felt such a strong connection to it my entire life. It’s a love story but there’s also a murder and a little bit of an acid-trippy feel to it at times; it’s set in the same place where I come from. Once I got the idea for this album I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before, and it turned into something that completely encompasses who I am and what I love.”

Kaitlin Butts Delves into Her Struggles in Upcoming Album ‘Roadrunner’

Kaitlin Butts also shared about her songwriting.“With the last album I wanted to write about the struggles I’d seen people go through or experienced myself, so a lot of the songs had a sadness or darkness to them,” the singer continues. “I feel like Roadrunner! is much closer to what I’m like onstage, where there’s real emotion and truth but also humor and a tendency to poke fun. It’s all those different versions of me at once.”

The title track of the album is named as “Hunt You Down” and will be released on Friday, 17th May. The trailer of the album has already been put out by the singer. 

The album has been produced by Oran Thornton, and multi-instrumentalists like Russ Pahl and Lex Price have also contributed in the making of the album. The vocals for the track titled “Come Rest Your Head (On My Pillow)” has been done by Vince Gill. 

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