Vince Staples’ Kentucky Chicken Restaurant Yelp Review Is A Thing Of Wonder

Vince Staples is quite the wordsmith and on a recent stop on his Circa ’06 tour in Louisville Kentucky, he lent his skills in support of a local chicken restaurant via a rave Yelp review.

Staples liked the food at Royals Hot Chicken so much in face, he urged fans that “if you love your life and you love freedom then you must visit”. Quite the recommendation.

Unfortunately we will be deprived of any further culinary observations from Vince as he had to take the account down as too many people were “sending [him] SoundCloud links and shit” he wrote via Twitter.

He did manage to throw some shade at KFC in the review. At least I think that’s what he was doing. “For one I been to Kentucky never seen a KFC that’s based on a true story and this IS the true story”, he wrote cryptically.

Still he dropped a pretty clear hint he wasn’t singing their praises when he closed the post with “fuck the colonel”.

Anyway you can have a look at the full review for yourself here below in all its Shakespearean glory via Pigeons & Planes.


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