Viral Video Shows Us ‘What DJs Really Do’

A YouTube parody video has emerged, showing dance musicians Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke and Sander van Doorn doing their thang behind the decks at a recent Mixmash party in Miami, and it’s going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Complete with its own happy-funk soundtrack and hilarious captions, the short clip shows what really went on during the trio’s performance. Mid-track, none of them are doing very much, except toying with the odd knob and slider, then throwing up their hands every now and again.

Some of the choice captions overlaid onto the clip include: “I’ll touch this knob for no particular reason”, “Lemme touch that knob” and “Don’t mind me bros, just doing some stuff over here”. With the clip acting as evidence that some major DJs don’t do all that much in the way of actually DJing, it’s sure to reignite many of those anti-electro debates.

DJ Sneak added his two cents via Facebook, saying: “All im going to say about this is> These fools only exist because of the PROMOTERS and DJ AGENCIES that push them. YES THEY ALL SUCK but it’s not only that, it’s the fact that people will throw $$$ at their stupid Act on stage. they are NOT DJS > they are part of the “Circus” and products of their Environment. They’ll go away when the PROMOTERS stop booking them.”

Watch: What DJs Really Do

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