Watch 50 Cent’s Disastrous First Pitch

Curtis, 50 Cent, Jackson has sparked up a bit of an embarrassing media storm over the last few hours, after botching the first pitch at the New York Mets-Pittsburgh Pirates game Tuesday, with many labelling the mis-throw the “worst pitch ever”. Ouch.

The rapper, actor and mogul who has sold over 30 million albums globally and has been Grammy-nominated 14 times was invited to throw the ceremonial “first pitch” at the game while promoting an upcoming concert at the ballpark.

He walked out to the mound sporting a pinstriped Mets jersey with “Jackson” and the number “50” emblazoned on the back. But to his embarrassment and social media’s delight, his erratic toss at Citi Field was way off-target.

To his credit, Fiddy took the the debacle in his stride, visibly grinning about his internationally televised mishap. The delicious viral video, which you can enjoy below, circled the globe before either team scored.

He’s since responded to the reaction, stating to all naysayers, “I’m a hustler not a Damn ball player.”

Watch: 50 Cent throws “worst pitch ever”

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