Watch A Genius Cover Tool With Actual Tools

There are some things in life that are just meant to be, like Tool being covered by actual tools.

An internet genius who goes by the name of Davie504 decided to take on Tool’s ‘The Pot’ with actual tools because, well, do we really need to explain that?

He does have a few instruments that are not tools including an electric guitar but for the most part he gets all his instruments out of the toolkit and it’s riveting.

It’s also probably the closest thing we’re going to get to music by Tool this year so we’ll take it.

Davie504 has previously covered Red Hot Chili Peppers with actual chillies and Tool with tools was a suggestion by a YouTube user. Once again he’s asked people to send in suggestions and the next cover sounds like it’s going to be brilliant.

Muse’s ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ with a supermassive black hole, Nirvana’s ‘Lithium’ with lithium and AC/DC’s ‘TNT’ with a stick of dynamite are all being thrown around.

Thank you internet.

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