WATCH: Animal Collective’s Panda Bear Talks Finally Nailing Down Daft Punk In New ‘Collaborators’ Video

Animal Collective’s own Panda Bear has become the latest Random Access Memories guest artist to be put in the The Creators Project’s hot seat for the most recent episode of The Collaborators. Though he keeps his cards close to his chest on the time spend with Daft Punk, Panda Bear gives some great insight into what goes on in the French duo’s inner-inner circle.

As it turns out, Daft Punk have been a seminal outfit for the musician. The collaboration has been a long time in the making, with Panda Bear (or Noah Lennox, as his mum calls him) hitting up the pair several times over the years to get their fingerprint on his material. Each time he was shut down, until recently when he finally received a ‘yes’ and a plane ticket to France.

The battle still wasn’t over, though. Daft Punk gave him a three-day window to build something out of nothing and “at the last moment we came up with something that we all liked”. “It’s a cool way to say thanks for the inspiration,” he says of the anticipated collaboration.

Already other cohorts such as Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams have told their sides of the story, and with the huge list of guest artists for Random Access Memories, more are sure to come through in the near future.

Random Access Memories drops Friday, 17th May. Check out the full interview with Panda Bear below.

Watch: Daft Punk – The Collaborators Episode 5: Panda Bear

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