Watch Anthrax’s Scott Ian Get A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Makeover

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian clearly has a raging throner. The heavy metal icon has appeared in a series of Behind The Scenes videos from Game Of Thrones where he undergoes a full species-reassignment process to become a legit White Walker. Talking us through the whole process, Ian also lifts the hood on some of the show’s other secrets.

Together with makeup artist Barrie Gower, the pair demonstrate just how much effort and time goes into creating these creatures of the night (Hint: Heaps). By the end of the transformation, the only identifiable feature of Ian is his famous chin beard thing. Which doesn’t even look out of place.

With specific focus on that bullshit hectic battle scene from Hardhome in Season 4, they discuss what it’s like to watch the madness that is GOT unfold from the sidelines. Speaking of that very battle scene, Gower recalls:

“Just standing on the sidelines, just watching, you’re just thinking…’How the hell could they be getting anything from this?’ But you sort of step to one side and look at what’s on the monitor and it’s just beautiful.”

Surprise, surprise: They put a lot of fucking effort into this stuff.

Ian wasn’t actually featured in the show as a White Walker which means ya boys Mastodon win this round, given their appearance as White Walkers and considering their Tormund Giantsbane is clearly an ancestor of vocalist Brent Hinds.

This isn’t the first time Anthrax have exposed their raging throner. Last year the band offered up the track Soror Irrumator to be featured on an official Game Of Thrones mixtape.

We assume this is what Ian is doing rather than making any new music. So, Ian, please, do go on…why not tell us about the socio-economic divide of Bravos?

“Well, i’m glad you asked…”

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