Watch Aussie Drummer Kye Smith Pack Every Hottest 100 #1 Into Two Minutes

The genius Aussie drummer who has rolled out Blink-182, Foo Fighters and The Living End‘s entire discography in five-minute bursts is at it again, this time melding every triple j Hottest 100 number one into two-and-a-bit minutes.

Most would be deterred by the mighty task of slotting Dennis Leary’s Asshole into anything, but YouTuber Kye Smith has done a valiant job.

He starts with The Rubens’ 2016 Hottest 100-topping jam Hoops, and works his way backwards towards the first winner ever, which is the aforementioned ditty by Leary.

Along the way he rocks out to Muse’s Knight Of Cydonia, gets inspirations with Alex Lloyd’s Amazing and goes punk with The Offspring’s Pretty Fly (For A White Guy).

It’s damn impressive, but it’s also a good way to remind yourself of every song that has so-far topped the Hottest 100. It’s also a good way to remind yourself that the public don’t always get it right, and there are a few winners in hindsight which perhaps weren’t the best choice.

The concept for the video was actually picked by triple j listeners after Smith spoke to triple j‘s Veronica & Lewis earlier this week. Check out the finished product, below.

P.S. There’s a little treat at the end for you, and we won’t ruin it right now, but let’s just say there’s a storm of the sand variety coming your way.

Watch: Triple J Hottest 100 Number Ones: A 2 Minute Drum Chronology

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