Watch Barack Obama Slow Jam The News On ‘The Tonight Show’

With Barack Obama being less than eight months away from relinquishing his position as POTUS, he’s become significantly more relaxed in what he’s chosen to say to the media and in the manner in which he appears.

Case in point – Obama returned to Jimmy Fallon‘s The Tonight Show to slow-jam the news. The POTUS seems to be relishing in the spotlight and nostalgia directed towards him at the moment, and it showed as he very casually walked out and announced “Hello, I’m President Barack Obama and I too, would like to slow jam this news.”

It would be near impossible to summarise the awesomeness of what transpired next, however highlights include Fallon calling Obama names like ‘Berezus’, ‘Prez-dispenser’ and ‘Barack-i with the good hair”.

Although the segment was a fairly one-sided showcase of Obama’s achievements over the years, it reminded us all that chances are there won’t be anyone taking the position of POTUS in the foreseeable future with nearly as much charisma as Obama.

Watch: ‘Slow Jam The News ‘ with President Obama


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