WATCH: Billy Corgan Shouts Down Stage Invading Fan

You’d think by now if Billy Corgan had established anything – it’s that he takes his music seriously. Or that he cares not for what he’s done but what he’s doing. So the worst thing you could do is take the piss out of him, while all he’s doing is playing music. Enter: This guy.

Recently, The Smashing Pumpkins rolled through Memphis for their In Plainsong tour. It was here that this guy decided to walk onto Corgan’s stage and begin awkward dad dancing right next to the singer. The very thing Corgan spent most of the 90’s raging about.

Much to no one’s surprise at all, Corgan was having none of it, berating the stage intruder, “Get the fuck off my stage before I punch you in the fucking face,” before carrying on with a rendition of The Stone’s Angie. Given his extensive knowledge of wrestling and his no-bullshit tone, we here at Music Feeds think this guy had the right idea moving right along.

The band have been joined throughout the tour by founding member and guest guitarist James Iha, which is huge news for loyal fans, so everyone is excited to share the experience. But it’s safe to say that unless you’re D’arcy Wretzky you should probably not get on stage with the band.

Watch: Billy Corgan Shouts Down Stage Intruder

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