Watch: Blink 182’s Travis Barker Recording Drums On New ‘Dogs Eating Dogs EP

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker has posted a clip of himself laying down some sweet drum tracks on Blink’s freshly released independent Christmas EP Dogs Eating Dogs. If you’re a fan of Barker, then you know exactly what to expect: tight drumming as Barker strikes his kit with speed and precision.

Blink 182’s new EP Dogs Eating Dogs is now available online and has been hyped mightily by the band as their best work since before their breakup in 2005. In a teaser video for the EP, Barker said that both the songwriting and variation were helped by Blink recording the music together.

“I think the writing process is different coz we’re all finally in the studio making music together. I think all the songs are really different and they all kind of showcase something different; like a different part of our band,” noted Barker in the EP trailer.

Although 2011’s Neighborhoods was Blink 182’s actual comeback album, guitarist and co-vocalist Tom DeLonge recently revealed that the band barely spoke during recording.

“We weren’t even in the same room. We were barely talking; we were in different studios. No one really commented on eachother’s parts, no one pressed anyone’s buttons. Everyone was on eggshells,” DeLonge told Billboard.

Watch: Travis Barker Recording Drums for Blink-182’s Dog Eating Dogs

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