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Watch Brand New Debut Their Heartfelt New Song ‘Sealed to Me’

Alt-rock champs Brand New are on a roll. Just a week or so after delighting fans with their first new piece of music in six years, they’ve gone and done it again, premiering another new song, Sealed to Me, at a concert in Los Angeles.

According to Alt Press, the Long Island outfit played the song as an encore at the show, after first handing out lyric sheets at their merch table. Before debuting the heartfelt, stripped back song, frontman Jesse Lacey explained the story behind the song’s conception, while also offering a bit of an explanation for the long wait between Brand New albums.

“So, we’ve been writing music and sometimes it’s real hard to write songs. It takes forever. You just kinda’ sit around and think about it, and you try it out and it doesn’t work,” he explained “We’re a real mess like that, that’s why it takes us so long to write music.

“But sometimes you’re just sitting around, watching TV or doing nothing and you’ve got a guitar and you start playing a song and it just kind of happens. This song kind of happened like that.”

He also spoke openly about struggles and triumphs in his personal life, and how they are reflected in this new song. “It’s hard being 37 and learning a lot of hard lessons that you should’ve learnt when you were 17, but I’m learning ’em, I guess,” he said.

“And this song is about that. This is for all those people who have been dealing with me for so long. I love them a lot. So, if you could bear with me, this is the first time I’ve ever played this in front of people.” See fan-shot footage of the performance below.

Sealed to Me follows Brand New’s recent new song, Mene. While the band have not yet announced a follow-up to 2009’s Daisy, but things seem to be in the works now for a much anticipated fifth LP.

Watch: Brand New – Sealed to Me

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