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Watch This Bro Sneak Beer Into Lollapalooza By Posing As A Delivery Man

Sneaking past festival security is an art, especially when there’s alcohol to conceal, but one very clever bro in the US has made it look easy by filming himself (and his beer) sneaking into Chicago’s Lollapalooza Festival while dressed as a delivery man from a local music store.

YouTuber MrCuit1234 has shared video of his elaborate but effective Lollapalooza sneak-job, which sees him run through the various steps he took to disguise himself as an employee from Guitar Center. He buys a Guitar Center hat and t-shirt, and also takes some gift vouchers and free guitar picks from the store in order to kit out his look.

Mr Cuit fills an empty speaker with beer — Bud Light, because he’s a bro — and manages to pull off his outfit so well that he makes it into Lollapalooza’s backstage area, where the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Major Lazer, The Last Shadow Puppets, Disclosure, LCD Soundsystem and Bloc Party would’ve been hanging out.

Retrieving “the goods” from his newly-delivered speaker, Mr Cuit then makes all of us question the level of security at major music festivals, just like Homer did when he was U2’s “Potato Man”.

While Mr Cuit’s effort worked wonders, it wasn’t quite as simplistically beautiful as that time someone snuck a ute full of VB into this year’s Splendour In The Grass festival.

Watch Mr Cuit sneak his way into Lollapalooza bro-style, below.

UPDATE: The Lollapalooza bro has removed the video. We’ll keep you posted if another appears online.

Watch: Bro Sneaks Beer Into Lollapalooza By Posing As Music Store Delivery Man

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