Watch Bruce Springsteen Mock Trump & Turnbull’s Awks Phone Call At Melbourne Gig

Fortuitously for Australians, Bruce Springsteen has been touring our shores just as newly inaugurated POTUS Donald Trump has been enjoying his first week in office, and as a result, concert-goers have been witnessing The Boss’ real-time reactions to all of the Prez’s batshit antics.

After going in hard on Trump’s so-called ‘Muslim Ban’ during his recent Adelaide concert, Springsteen has now made some cheeky commentary on a recent awkward phone call between the Commander In Chief and Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull.

Basically, Trump blasted Turnbull over a refugee resettlement deal the US struck with Australia under the Obama administration, dubbing it the “worst call by far” he’s had with another world leader.

And turns out The Boss had just the song to mark the occasion.

“We stand before you, embarrassed Americans tonight,” he told punters at his Melbourne show last night, before launching into a cover of The Orlons’ 1965 tune ‘Don’t Hang Up’. “We’re going to use this to send a letter back home.”

Appropriate as ever, Brucey.

So before the impending Trumpocalypse inevitably drags us all down into a dystopic 1984-style hellworld, at least we can all have a bit of a snigger at some of The Boss’s topical jabs at the Prez’s expense (because who knows, soon doing so might be an international crime punishable by death).

Watch the footage below, from the 1:40 mark.

Watch: Bruce Springsteen Covers The Orlons’ ‘Don’t Hang Up’ In Melbourne

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