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Watch BTS’ BE-Hind Story

The BTS BE-Hind Story has finally arrived. Released on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel, the new video sees the group interview each other on the creation of their last album BE.

The BTS ARMY is seriously excited over one particular detail revealed though. Word of V and Jungkook’s mixtapes has been floating around for a little while now, but in the video the pair confirm the mixtapes and offer some details.

We learn that V already has 13 tracks down for his mixtape. “Uh, my mixtape… About 13 tracks,” he tells Suga.

“My mixtape was postponed much more than I thought,” he said.

“I had the thought that I wanted to release it when I could say, ‘It’s good.’ So when I finally reach that point one day I’ll present it to our ARMY as soon as possible.”

BTS’ Jungkook chats about his mixtape too. He reveals he wants to craft songs around “imaginary scenarios” rather than his personal experiences.

“There are three main tracks in total and they all have music videos of their own,” Jungkook tells J-Hope. “And they each have their own choreography but in different styles.”

Watch the entire BE-Hind Story video below.

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