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Watch Carrie Brownstein & Amy Poehler Perform An Unexpected Wedding For Two Fans

Sleater-Kinney rocker and Portlandia comic Carrie Brownstein is currently on a book tour around the US promoting her biography Hunger Makes The Modern Girl but it became so much more than just a book tour when she agreed to marry two fans.

As it turns out she’s not only a rocker, comedian and author but she’s also a wedding officiant which helped when a discussion about her book at a church in Los Angeles turned into an unexpected wedding.

Brownstein, along with guest Amy Poehler, were taking questions from the audience when a pair of Sleater-Kinney fans asked her to marry them right away. Brownstein graciously agreed and Poehler scurried to get together flowers and also celebrated the occasion with a very unrehearsed rendition of Greensleeves on the piano.

“In the way that we always root for ourselves, in the way that we root for love to always win out over despair, for hope to win out over fear, all of us here are rooting for you,” Brownstein said as she married the couple with a surprisingly stirring speech given how little time she had to prepare.

Brownstein’s book tour is set to continue and we wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last request to marry a couple she gets given that she’s done one now.

Watch: Carrie Brownstein & Amy Poehler Officiate Wedding

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