Watch Code Orange Cover ‘Down In A Hole’ By Alice In Chains Ahead Of Unplugged Live Album

Code Orange recently performed an unplugged live performance over Twitch, stripping back the band’s usual style of crushing, abrasive metal to their bare elements and demonstrating the versatility of the group’s catalogue.

Now, the band have announced they’ll be releasing that performance as an official live album this week. It’s titled Under the Skin and it’s arriving tomorrow – Friday, 4th September.

The 14-track collection sees them draw on their latest album – this year’s Underneath – with the likes of ‘Who I Am’, ‘Autumn and Carbine’ and ‘Sulfur Surrounding’, along with tracks like ‘Bleeding In the Blur’ and ‘Ugly’ from 2017’s Forever.

The band also performed Alice in Chains‘ Dirt classic ‘Down in a Hole’ as part of the set. Ahead of the album’s release tomorrow, you can stream that below.

Code Orange were one of the first bands to adopt live-streaming as the coronavirus pandemic made IRL live shows a non-possibility. Back in March, the band played their album release show for Underneath at an empty Roxian Theatre in their hometown of Pittsburgh, broadcasting it live over Twitch. The production featured CGI videos projected over the band’s live performance – creating for a fairly high-end, immersive experience.

In addition to the album, the band are also making the performance available as a DVD if you want to capture the visual element. Pre-orders are available on their website here.

Watch Code Orange play ‘Down in a Hole’ below.

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