Watch Code Orange Perform Their Record Release Show In An Empty Venue

Pennsylvania metalcore outfit Code Orange released fourth studio album Underneath just a few days ago, but were forced to suspend the record release show in their hometown of Pittsburgh after the venue, Roxian Theatre, postponed all scheduled shows due to coronavirus concerns.

In its place, on Saturday (14th March) the five-piece played in an empty Roxian Theatre, broadcast live over streaming service Twitch. It’s a technically impressive production, featuring CGI videos projected over the band’s live performance – making it feel far more like an immersive experience than simply a band rehearsing.

As Pitchfork reports, the Twitch stream peaked at almost 13,000 simultaneous views.

“Not bad for a first gig huh?” wrote the band on Facebook following the performance.

“Just like you all – we will not go out quietly. Thank you for the support, the most positivity we’ve ever received. Hopefully this can help open up some doors for the music world right now.”

As concerns over coronavirus mean more and more cancellations of shows across the world, it’s interesting to consider how this approach might be adopted more broadly.

On Friday, 20th March, Sounds Australia will be live streaming sets by Aussie artists affected by the cancellation of SXSW, featuring performances from the likes of Alex the Astronaut, Alice Skye, Cable Ties and more. You can see more details about that here.

Stream Code Orange’s performance below.

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