Watch Corey Taylor Forget Which State He’s In At A Stone Sour Show

When you’ve been on tour for a while every city becomes a bit of a blur but every night, you’ve got a job to at least remember what city you’re in.

Corey Taylor, however, seems to have completely forgotten where he is while performing with his band Stone Sour.

He attempted to hype up the crowd by asking, “Oregon, is that you?” and, “Did you miss Stone Sour in Oregon?”.

He didn’t exactly get the response you would’ve expected when attempting to hype a crowd and that’s probably because he wasn’t even in Oregan.

Yep, he was in Idaho. To be fair, it’s only the state next door to Oregan but you don’t really get points for being close enough when it comes to this sort of thing.

Eventually, he realised his mistake and apologised to the crowd.

“You know what is funny? I’ve been doing this a long fucking time. This is the second time I’ve done this,” he said.

“Idaho, is that you? I am so fucking sorry, my friends. Jesus Christ.”

The crowd may have forgiven but the internet never forgets and it’s been immortalised forever on YouTube thanks to a fan who captured the moment.

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