Watch Dave Grohl Completely Lose His Shit At The Kaiser Chiefs

Dave Grohl delivers one hell of a pep talk and the latest in the firing line are UK indie rock act Kaiser Chiefs. The UK rockers have been playing a video of one such pep talk from the Foos frontman, during each of their current UK shows, allowing the audience to watch Grohl call the band “a bunch of fucking amateurs” – all in the spirit of encouragement.

In the video, which you can and must watch below, Grohl bursts into the Cheifs’ dressing room, and verbally unleashes on them in a fiery and expletive-laden rant. “What the fuck was that?” Grohl yells. “What a fucking load of shit. Bunch of fucking amateurs, all of you.”

He takes particular aim at frontman Ricky Wilson, a coach on the UK version of The Voice. “Mr fucking celebrity TV judge,” he screams. “If I was a fucking judge on that TV show and your band came up and playing like that, you know what I would say? Your band played like shit.”

The spoof clip was filmed in South America when the two bands were touring together and, reports NME, is being played before the encore during each night of the band’s current arena tour.

The Foo Fighters will be touring Australia soon as a part of their Sonic Highways world tour. They’ll be supported by Chicago’s Rise Against and Melbourne rockers The Delta Riggs – who have one hell of a pep talk in store.

Watch and enjoy, below.

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