Watch Dave Grohl Respond To The 1000 Foo Fighters Fans Who Covered ‘Learn To Fly’

Here’s a life lesson. Should you want to lure one of the world’s biggest rock bands to come a play in your small town, all you have to do is launch a months-long campaign to gather 1000 musos together and practice vigorously over a year so that one day you can assemble in a field and together perform a mass cover of said band’s hit 1999 track Learn To Fly. Easy right?

OK, maybe not easy, but that’s what the Rockin 1000 group of drummers, guitarists and singers from the Italian city of Cesena did to try and lure Foo Fighters to their town, and by gum it worked!

The video of the cover, which has since gone viral, has even inspired Dave Grohl to send a message in response saying, “We’re coming, I promise.” Except he said it in Italian.

That’s right, ol’ mate Davide has some serious multi-lingual skills and appeared to be so touched by the Rockin 1000’s cover of Learn To Fly, that he responded personally with a video message to the city, speaking in their native tongue.

“Hello Cesena. It’s David. Hi,” Grohl begins in the video, with a pretty convincing accent. “I am sorry I don’t speak Italian,” he continues IN ITALIAN. “Just a bit, a bit,” he adds.

“This video, how beautiful! How very beautiful! Thank you, so much. We’re coming, I promise. We’ll see each other soon. Thank you so much. I love you. Ciao.”

So there you have it. Dreams do come true. All you need to do is gather 1000 of your mates to help you make them happen.

The brainchild of the whole project was Fabio Zaffagnini, a resident of the town of Cesena in northern Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, who first proclaimed his plan to assemble a band of human musicians 200 times the size of Foo Fighters to perform Learn To Fly back in December of last year.

The video of the mass cover that went viral yesterday, features 250 singers, 350 guitarists, 150 bassists, 250 drummers and one conductor who together serenaded the Foo Fighters with their 1999 There Is Nothing Left To Lose hit, and even nabbed a spot in the Guinness World Records for their troubles.

Check out the legitimately incredible 1,000 person cover of Foo Fighters’ Learn To Fly, below along with Davide Grohl’s response.

Watch: Per Cesena & #Rockin1000

Watch: Foo Fighters Rockin1000 – Learn To Fly

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