Watch: Dave Navarro Hanging By Hooks At Suspension Show

Though this isn’t the first time Dave Navarro has decided to stab meathooks through his flesh and suspend himself, it’s still just as messed up and awesome to watch. Navarro was caught by TMZ putting on the suspension show, and just a heads-up, the below video is a tad gnarly.

The Alice In Chains axeman was at Vampire Club Wednesdays at the Hollywood nightclub Room 86 last week when he thought ‘I have an idea…’ and proceded with the display, which is true testament to the human body and mind in front of what was sure to be a totally shocked crowd.

It’s almost hypnotising, watching him swing back and forth. As body mod fans would understand, the skin is a very, very stretchy organ, so there is plenty of elasticity to pick up the slack. The last time Dave was found in such a position was during the Theatre of the Escapists tour with Alice In Chains.

I guess it went down well as Dave is now clearly hooked.

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