Image for Watch: Deadmau5 Says Madonna Feud Was ‘Terrible’

Watch: Deadmau5 Says Madonna Feud Was ‘Terrible’

Written by John Ritchie on April 2, 2012

TMZ have managed to track down Deadmau5 and ask him in person what his thoughts were on the whole Madonna Vs Deadmau5 issue. The story blew up last week when Deadmau5 attacked Madonna for promoting drug use during her introduction to Avicii’s set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. In a strange comeback, Madonna said she does not support drug use and when she used the term ‘Molly’ she was actually referring to the song “Have You Seen Molly”.

Deadmau5 didn’t have much more to offer TMZ on the feud from what he had already posted on his Facebook page and it seems he is now wishing the whole thing would just go away, watch below…

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