Watch Donald Glover Pay Tribute To His Late Father In Concert

Donald Glover has just finished his supposedly final ever tour as Childish Gambino in America – after postponing then cancelling his Australian leg – and on his final stop, he paid tribute to his laid father.

While performing in Los Angeles earlier this week, Glover paused his show before playing his track ‘Riot’ to make a special mention of his father, Donald Glover Sr., who he also revealed passed away recently. The moment was captured on video by a fan.

“I lost my father a couple weeks ago,” Glover says.

“I wanted to play him some of the new songs, but he didn’t want to hear them because he was like, ‘I know they’ll be great.’ I’m not saying that to talk about music, I say that to talk about trust.”

In more footage, while Glover is performing ‘Riot’ he is audibly straining to fight back his tears.

Glover, as previously mentioned, postponed and eventually cancelled his Australian tour, which means the last time he was here in 2015. Aussies haven’t fallen out of love completely though, as he’s currently in a good position to rank highly in the 2018 Triple J’s Hottest 100.

Watch the clip below.

thank you, mr. glover. from r/donaldglover

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