Watch: DZ Deathrays Premiere Fire Engine Sessions

A new concept of promoting live music has emerged, with DZ Deathrays premiering the Fire Engine Sessions. As the name quite obviously states, it requires a band to play on top of a firetruck that can be parked anywhere. The band blasted through their track Dollar Chills in Sydney’s The Rocks under that ever-famous bridge. Unfortunately due to the rain, the band could not play whilst the truck was moving, but the concept remains that, provided the sun is out, our country will be getting a delivery of mobile music.

It seems that our Fire Engine Sessions are the answer to the ever-famous UK Black Cab Sessions, which has seen artists like Mumford & Sons, The Kooks and My Morning Jacket perform in quite a cosy environment in the back seat of a cab; however, a firetruck seems somewhat less versatile.

Created by the mind behind Gorilla Gigs (No, not the Channel V ones), it is hoped that the concept will take off and will be available across the country. We just hope that a fire doesn’t start nearby as the truck may give people false hope!

Watch: DZ Deathrays Perform ‘Dollar Chills’ on a firetruck

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