Watch: Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘WHOA’ Directed By Tyler, The Creator

Having gotten all serious and deep with his video feature for Chum, Earl Sweatshirt has rep’d some O.G Odd Future goodness in his latest clip, which co-incidentally was filmed with the one and only Tyler, The Creator at the helm and involves a hefty amount of mischief.

When Earl’s rapping, Tyler is never too far away – and such is the case with WHOA, which also features a verse from the fearless leader off OFWGKTA. The group’s trademark brand of chaos can be seen all over the clip, which is chock full of skateboards, bling, smoking and of course, pranks.

The track is available on iTunes as of right now, so you can jam out to it while we wait for the rest of the album, Doris, to arrive. We’ve already heard bits and pieces of the release, so it’s definitely coming, but so far, no official release date has been mentioned.

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