Watch: Ed Sheeran Slips Off Speaker And Faceplants Onstage

So here’s a bit of schadenfreude for your Friday (schadenfriday?) – everyone’s favourite ginger, Prince Harry Ed Sheeran, has taken a bit of a tumble off a speaker while hopping about like that exact thing wasn’t likely to happen, leaving a few freckles on the stage in the process.

In the below video, Sheeran, opening for Taylor Swift in front of thousands of screeching fans, decided it would be a nice idea to act all rockstar and hop on his foldback wedges for a bit of call-and-response. Flitting from one speaker to the other like a Chuck Taylored blowfly, the singer promptly wraps up his off-pitch fan interaction by gracefully missing his mark and plummeting to the floorboards in a moment of Kramer-worthy pratfallery.

Unfortunately, we can’t see how (or if) the poor blighter recovers, but we can only assume he sprang back into action to complete his set, endeavouring to keep his sprays of blood and spittle off the faces of those in the front row. Or maybe not – maybe Ed Sheeran fans like that kind of thing, GG Allin-style.

If you can stand a minute or so of caterwauling, check out the video for a well-earned chuckle. You deserve it.

Watch: Ed Sheeran Trips And Faceplants Onstage

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