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Watch This Epic-Ass Supergroup Featuring Pearl Jam, Chili Peppers & Kings Of Leon Members Jam A Rock Classic

What do you get when you mix Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kings Of Leon together?

Apart from probably some freaky-ass new alt/grunge/funk fusion genre, the answer is: one epic as AF encore performance.

The one-off super-dooper-group joined forces for the finale of Pearl Jam’s headlining set at New Orleans’ Jazz Fest, with Chili’s Josh Klinghoffer and Chad Smith and Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill joining the Jam for a jam on the Neil Young classic Rockin’ In The Free World, a song that’s normally reserved for only the most fark-off huge of musical collabs, as anyone who’s ever watched a G3 concert dvd can attest.

And the Eddie Vedder/Chad Smith combo alone is enough to pretty much make this the Indominus Rex of allstar jam seshes.

Check it below.


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