Watch Fat Mike Kick A NoFX Stage Invader’s Face In Sydney

At last night’s NoFX gig at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre, a drunk fan got a first-hand — or should that be backhand? — experience of what can happen when you jump up on stage uninvited at a punk gig.

Footage from the crowd shows fan Alex hit the stage and immediately make his way to frontman Fat Mike, presumably to help sing NoFX favourite Linoleum. As Alex threw his arm around Mike, it must have seemed like a punk rock fantasy come to life.

But Alex’s 15 seconds were abruptly cut short when Mike delivered a slow but effective backhand right to the chops. We’re guessing Alex must have blinded by the spotlight because he did NOT see that thing coming, despite Mike’s comically long wind-up, and promptly hit the deck.

Not so comical is the follow-up blow, as a prone Alex eats Fat Mike’s boot after the singer lands a brutal kick to his face, snapping his head back and knocking off his hat. You can hear the crowd gasp as the thoroughly licked stage invader is then dragged away by security.

Apparently all well that ends well, though. Alex reached out to Fat Mike after the show to say “thanks for the KO”. Ol’ Mike apologised for his actions and explained that when Alex grabbed him it aggravated his sore neck. “I’m sorry too Alex, I was in terrible pain all night. When you grabbed me by the neck I defensively reacted… offensively”.

In response Alex admitted that he was so intoxicated Mike’s injury slipped his mind. Hopefully being that pissed softened the impact of that boot to the face. Ouch. The fan has since confirmed his identity, posting a picture of his swollen lip to Twitter.

Other fans have taken it upon themselves to be outraged for Alex, many responding to the Twitter with epithets against the NoFX singer. Take a gander below.

NoFX are currently touring Australia with a whole bunch of local supports. You can check out the full tour details here.

You can see Alex learn the hard way below.

UPDATE: 11/11/14 Fat Mike has since made amends for his actions. The frontman invited Alex to join NoFX onstage during their second show at the Enmore. Alex also hung with the band backstage, received a signed custom t-shirt of the incident, and got to revenge kick Mike in the shin.

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