Watch: Feist ‘Bittersweet Memories’ Recreates Images Of People’s Past

Feist has released a new video clip for her track Bittersweet Memories. It features the photography of Argentinian Irina Werning, whose Back To The Future series has people’s younger photos recreated in the same pose, lighting and style, but as they are now. Some of them are so close to the original it’s kind of spooky.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, who premiered the clip, Werning said:

“I love old photos, but I love even more to recreate them. When I fall in love with a picture I don’t stop until I have them in front of me dressed like this doing that thing they were doing. I’m always amazed that they do it.”

Feist released Metals, her fourth studio album last year, which she toured Australia on earlier this year. She’ll be releasing a split 7-inch single with Mastodon on this year’s Record Store Day (21st April).

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