Watch: Florence + The Machine Live At MTV Unplugged

When it began, MTV used to be about music. However, now they are so preoccupied with garbage like Jersey Shore that they have completely forgotten what their company name actually is (Music Television), but they have maintained one aspect of their musical roots: the MTV Unplugged series. Most famous for the 1993 Nirvana performance, the show highlights the true gems of the musical world. Encompassing performances from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, The Eagles, and now the ever-beautiful Florence + The Machine.

This performance is truly one of the most elegant and gorgeous performances I have seen in a while; all the more reason for those lucky few to get excited about her appearance at this year’s Vivid Live Festival, which will take place in the picture perfect setting of the Opera House’s Main Hall.

Until then, here is the best footage of what is evidently one of her best performances to date, and it can only get better from here.

Florence + The Machine: MTV Unplugged

Shake It Out

Never Let Me Go

No Light, No Light

Dog Days Are Over

Drumming Song

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