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Tash Sultana Shares ‘Crop Circles’ From New ‘MTV Unplugged (Live In Melbourne)’ Album

Just over a year since the intimate concert took place, Tash Sultana has officially released their MTV Unplugged (Live In Melbourne) performance.

Released today (3rd June), and described as an intimate look at one of Australia’s “most beloved musicians” thriving in their natural element, the record captures Tash Sultana’s immersive live performance for the iconic MTV Unplugged series at Melbourne’s Chapel Off Chapel in early May 2021.

To celebrate its arrival into the world, Tash Sultana has also shared a live video of ‘Crop Circles’. The track originally featured on last year’s, Terra Firma, which became the artist’s first chart-topping album upon its release in mid-February.

“The best way to listen to it is to turn the light off and light a candle or incense,” Sultana explains of the performance. “I want you to feel sensory overdrive by the end of the set. So dim the lights and just watch.”

A number of singles preceded the arrival of MTV Unplugged (Live In Melbourne), and the performance itself is viewed as something of a turning point in Sultana’s life, giving them the chance to reconnect with an audience in this capacity for the first time in – at that point – two years.

“The light that shines the brightest through me is when I’m on the stage,” Sultana explains. “I wanted to take the audience on the ride with me because I hadn’t played live in two years. I produced and mixed this entire record myself over a few months during lock down.”

With MTV Unplugged (Live In Melbourne) out in the world, MTV Hits are set to re-broadcast their recording of Sultana’s set, airing at 10am today in Australia, and at 12pm in New Zealand.

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