Watch Foo Fighters Prank Fans With A Dave Grohl Lookalike

Foo Fighters are currently on their gigantic ‘Concrete & Gold World Tour’ and, true to form, Dave Grohl and the band are up to their standard, mischievous antics.

As the group took to the stage at their show in Gothenburg, Sweden yesterday, things were going as planned as the band strutted out towards thousands of adoring fans, only for “Dave Grohl” to stack it and fall off the stage.

The kicker is that it was a Grohl lookalike who took the fall and not the legend himself, as he ran out onto the stage to sighs and cheers of relief.

This admittedly cruel prank was an homage to 2015 when, at the same damn venue, the actual Dave Grohl took a fall and broke his leg, but infamously still kept playing. Not to mention the fact that he almost broke his leg again in Florida last month.

He’s not the hero we asked for, but he’s the one we deserve. Watch clips of the A+ troll, below.

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