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Watch Frank Ocean’s First Interview In Three Years

Frank Ocean fronted up at the for Barack Obama’s final White House State Dinner overnight, and proceeded to give his first interview in almost three years.

Ocean is undoubtedly one of the most elusive characters in music today, and just this week it was confirmed that his huge 2016 albums Blonde and Endless weren’t even submitted to be eligible for Grammy award nomination this year.

In true Frank style, he rocked up in checkered vans, and gave a brief but ultimately super cute interview – explaining that this was his “first time” wearing Vans to a State Dinner. “You can’t think, you just have to do things,” he replied when asked about the shoe choice.

When then asked what he was looking forward to doing that evening, he responded that he was hoping to “ask Obama if he had fun these last eight years” during his tenure as President.

He concluded the interview with an absolute belter of a zinger. “We’re running out of time I think,” he grins. “I might have to catch you in four years.”

Too soon Frank, way too soon.

Watch: Frank Ocean’s White House Interview

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