Watch Fred Durst Do A Great Job In Self-Directed Mockumentary

Though best known as the frontman of nu-metal vanguards Limp Bizkit, in recent years Fred Durst has shown himself to be as skilful behind the camera as he is on the mic. And shucking himself of his iconic red cap in his latest work The Truth, Durst proves himself a rather adept comedic actor.

Speaking to SPIN last year, Durst lamented the trouble some fans have with picking up on the nuances of his band, saying, “We’re playing it so straight that it’s absolutely hard to differentiate or pull off any satire. A lot of people I despise in the world, the bullies of the world, love Limp Bizkit.”

The satire in Durst’s mini-mockumentary, which contains shades of genre greats like Christopher Guest and Ricky Gervais, will hopefully be a little more explicit for the frontman’s more boneheaded fans. Durst does a pretty bang up job of playing a bizarre and unstable preacher in the short, which examines some of the hypocrisies of church life. It also stars Durst’s bandmate Wes Borland.

In a recent interview with Noisey, Durst said he hopes the film will highlight some of “the subtleties of Limp Bizkit” and “the satire” that the band have for years been trying to get across. “[It’s about] the hard facts of life, the hard edges, the things that have a foundation to them in life,” he explained.

Watch: The Truth (2014)

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