Watch Jack Black Make An Album In An Hour With Beardyman

Beardyman recently kicked off his latest project, One Album Per Hour, in which the venerable UK beatmaker gives himself 60 minutes to create a brand new album from scratch with the help of a “superstar guest record producer”. Joining Beardyman for the first episode was the mighty Jack Black.

Black and Beardyman get right into it, with the Tenacious D rocker quickly deciding that their album, like all great albums, must have 13 tracks, before quantifying just how long they two musos have to spend chit-chatting before each song in order to get all 13 musical masterpieces completed in time.

Highlights of the session, which saw Black collaborating with a London-based Beardyman from a recording studio in the US, included the pair’s attempt at recording a Queens of the Stone Age-type song (around 15 minutes in) and an ode to using the toilet, tentatively titled Ablution Solution (33:00 in).

Beardyman, real name Darren Foreman, will be broadcasting a new instalment of One Album Per Hour each week live, with a list of upcoming guest producers that includes actor Peter Serafinowicz (out 23rd September), our own Tim Minchin (out 30th September), and comedian Daniel Sloss (out 7th October).

As an extra added bonus, viewers will get to choose the album’s song titles. Just head over to Beardyman’s official website and plug in your suggestions. If you’re stuck for something, he suggests combining “actions, commands, requests, words that describe emotions, similes, metaphors, colours, imaginary places, real places… things you might say whilst reeeaally high… you get the idea.”

Watch: One Album Per Hour with Jack Black

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