Watch: Justin Timberlake’s Ode To Lifelong Love ‘Mirrors’ Gets Visual

Justin Timberlake’s return continues unheeded – today marked not only the official release date of his comeback album The 20/20 Experience in the USA, but he has also chosen this moment to release his brand-new clip for Mirrors, the latest single to be lifted from the album.

Don’t stress – at first it doesn’t look like JT will be featuring in the clip but it’s an 8-minute epic and he pops up in the last few minutes. Skipping between the past, present and future of a couple in love – representing his grandparents, William and Sadie, to whom the clip is dedicated – the video requires a fair amount of attention to keep up with who is where and when. But only for 6 minutes or so – the last 2 minutes is just dancing and singing. Mmm… Dat falsetto.

Justin Timberlake Day sure is exciting, ‘spesh coz of the recent news that later in the year we will be offered the second half to 20/20. Part 2 will have big shoes to fill given the impact made by Part 1, which is fast on its way to the top of the charts.

The album has also been breaking ground here at Music Feeds, given that it’s the first album that more than 1 staffer enjoys, leading to vicious email battles about which is the best song. Some say Mirrors. (weak – ed.) Our editor says Pusher Love Girl. (clearly – ed.)

Some people, right? Read our review of The 20/20 Experience here, and check out the clip to Mirrors below.

Watch: Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

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