Watch: Lamb Of God’s Triumphant Return To The Stage

Having cancelled their summer tour due to the then unforeseeable certainty of vocalist Randy Blythe, Lamb of God made their live debut since Blythe’s incarceration, bringing the heat at Slipknot’s inaugural Knotfest over the weekend.

The festival, which took place in Iowa, was the first live performance from the band after Blythe was arrested in Prague after his alleged involvement in the death of a young fan at a 2010 concert in the city. After weeks of back and forth between lawyers and the prosecution, Blythe was eventually deemed not a flight risk and bail was accepted.

Though the band’s appearance at Knotfest was looking a little doubtful, Blythe, keen as a bean to get back on the horse, was quick to lock it in. Thanks to Loudwire, we have a video of some of the band’s set. All the LOG anthems were given a run through, including Desolation, Contractor, Set to Fail, Redneck, and Black Label. Randy didn’t seem the least bit rusty or held-back, playing with, well, the energy of a man fresh outta prison.

Check out some of the performance below.

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