Watch Laneway Punters Pretend To Know Fake Bands

Jimmy Kimmel, eat your heart out. Or get your lawyers out. Some cluey Singaporeans pranksters have had a whole heap of fun at Laneway Festival this year, gentling coercing Laneway attendees into admitting that they know of bands which actually, in all honesty, have never existed.

“Inspired” by Kimmel’s Lie Witness News segment, the Project Lameway 2015 video (below) shows festival goers admitting to know and enjoy the music of acts such as Courtney Has Crabs, The Peter Griffins, Salty Sacks, DJ Pinknipple, I Fucked Mickey Mouse and more.

The dude at the end who calls the imaginary band White Floating Baby “so badass” that their sound is “floating in space” must have been pulling the interviewer’s leg, though.

Posted onto YouTube by Jonathon Lee, the Project Lameway video has already had over 60,000 views in only three days. That said, the video’s creators have already experienced some public backlash from the clip.

Posting on the video’s YouTube page, co-creator Belicia has said “we did not expect this level of virality and it was pretty cool seeing everyone cracking up and sharing our video”.

Belicia also apologised to anyone who felt “wrongly projected” by the video. “Jon and I acknowledge that we requested for a few shoutouts at the end. However, every response was done with compliance and they were a good sport about it. We did not mean to offend anyone and it was all in the spirit of good fun,” she said.

“P.S. I’m sure we all know we have that hipster within us too ;)” View her comments in full, below.

There’s no word yet as to whether or not any pranksters have been out at the Aussie iterations of Laneway 2015, but nothing will ever beat the fake Steve Aoki who trolled punters at Stereosonic late last year.

Watch: Project Lameway 2015

Photos: Laneway Festival 2015 – Brisbane Showgrounds, 31/01/15 / Photos: Charlyn Cameron

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