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Watch Lastlings Transform Rihanna’s ‘Love On The Brain’ Into A Club-Ready Banger

Lastlings have taken on this week’s Like A Version. They transformed a Rihanna ballad, ‘Love On The Brain’ into a club-ready, dance banger.

The Gold Coast duo took along a couple of guest vocalists and a percussionist to pull off the cover. It’s such a fun take on the original.

While they were there, Lastlings shared their original ‘False Reactions’. Taken from last year’s album, First Contact, ‘False Reactions’ is full of stunning vocals and fun synths.

In their Behind the Like A Version interview, Josh Dowdle says the cover was inspired by a ‘Love On The Brain’ remix by RY X.

“I really loved how spacious the remix was and how dancey it felt. We just really wanted to pay homage to that and the original,” he said.

The duo talk about how much they love hearing Like A Versions that take songs and make them their own.

“We took Rihanna’s song which is such an amazing ballad and turned it into our dance electronic style,” says Josh.

Listen to Lastlings’ perform ‘Love On The Brain’ and ‘False Reactions’, and catch their Behind the Like A Version interview below.

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