Watch: Lil Wayne’s Whacky Deposition

TMZ has posted a series of clips taken from a filmed deposition wherein Dwayne Michael Carter Jr aka Lil Wayne is attempting to successfully sue Quincy Jones III for making an unauthorised documentary about the American rapper (titled The Carter).

In the embedded clips below, Wayne is being questioned by Jones’ lawyer Pete Ross, who attempts to discredit Carter by questioning the Cash Money member about his criminal past. The thing is, Wayne doesn’t need any help from the defense attorney in discrediting himself, as his ludicrously bizarre and immature behaviour does a solid job or making Carter look like a nutbar.

As you’ll witness in the clips below, Wayne insults Jones’ lawyer, rants about performing at “this badass bitch’s birthday party” who was “crazy, stupid thick”, claims to have zero memory of pretty much anything he’s ever done since birth, gives a shout-out to God, and even threatens Ross, all while slouching, adjusting his hoodie, and checking his cuticles, without any disciplinary warning from the judge.

Seeing is believing, so check out the clips below…

Watch: Lil Wayne’s Whacky Deposition

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