Watch Marilyn Manson Make A Roadie Put His Pants Back On, After They Fall Down Live Onstage

Marilyn Manson is just a regular guy, who puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like all of us.

Except sometimes when he makes a roadie do it for him.

Footage has emerged of the Antichrist Superstar’s pants falling down live onstage during a rendition of ‘The Beautiful People’, with the shock rocker enlisting a roadie to come onstage and pull them up again.

Luckily Manson was wearing some solid under-dacks so the wardrobe malfunction didn’t result in him accidentally flashing his Pale Emperor Lenny Kravitz styles, and it didn’t take the roadie long to get Manson’s pants-on again.

Now, before you go accusing the ‘SAY10’ singer of satanic laziness, remember he had that hectic stage prop accident last year and is still recovering with his leg in a cast, so likely couldn’t physically bend down to put them back on by himself.

Watch footage of the whole thing below (around the 2.10 mark) as you continue to wait for Manson to announce that Australian tour he’s been teasing.


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