The Internet Is Losing Its Sh*t Over This Pic Of Marilyn Manson Hanging Out With Taylor Swift

Marilyn Manson has been snapped hanging out with Taylor Swift, and the internet is struggling to cope.

The country-pop princess and the goth God Of F*ck posed together for a pic taken backstage at Los Angeles festival Wango Tango, contrasting hilariously with T-Swizzle frocked up in a bubblegum pick tassled jacket and Manson (naturally) clad head to toe in black.

The two are not known m8s, so we can only presume they joined forces for the culture-clashing snap to troll us all. And it worked.

The memes and Twitter reactions are coming thick and fast:

To add fuel to the fire, the Antichrist Superstar also posed with Joe Jonas and Ryan Seacrest:

2019 ladies and gentlemen. What a time to be alive.

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