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Watch Matt & Alex Do Their Own ‘Like A Version’ With A Bunch Of Special Guests

UPDATE: Hear Matt and Alex’s emotional (and inspiring) farewell to triple j.

UPDATE: Here’s the final song Matt and Alex played on triple j after signing off for good.

ORIGINAL STORY: This morning, Matt Okine and Alex Dyson host their final show on triple j Breakfast, bringing three years of hosting the show as a duo to an end (and ending a full decade at the station for Dyson).

For their final episode, they brought in new 2017 hosts Ben and Liam to sit in the hosting chairs while they took on a new ‘Like A Version‘-style segment called Matt & Alex’s ‘Musical Massacre’.

They kicked things off in true Like A Version fashion, performing a ripping version of their very own track Pack-er Up Boys with Goosebumps on mixing duties.

Following that, they were joined by a throng of guests in the studio to perform an incredible mashup of Seal‘s 1994 track Kiss From A Rose and their go-to party anthem Sandstorm by Darude.

Arranged by KLP, and with Running Touch, Elizabeth Rose, Vera Blue and KLP all on vocals, the ‘Musical Massacre’ started out as you’d expect before Matt laid down some fly rhymes and Just A Gent worked in the most incredible transition into Sandstorm. They were also joined by Art Vs Science’s Jim Finn on the keys and Commandeur on drums, and as a collective called themselves ‘Crumbs From The Schnit’.

“We’ve been suggesting [Kiss From A Rose] song for Like A Version for quite some time, but no one was brave enough to take it on,” said Alex Dyson, before they kicked off the cover. Matt Okine added that they wanted to “ruin [the song] for the music industry”.

In ultimate Matt and Alex style, this was truly the only way they could’ve said their final farewell. Watch both their original and cover, below.

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